Angelic Lightworker (Angel Therapy)

Angelic Lightworker First Degree

Bring your love of Angels into your life in a deeper and more meaningful way by becoming an Angelic Lightworker.
This First Degree teaches you to give Angel Readings for friends and family with confidence and grace.
You will be able to give beautiful Angelic Vacuuming as part of Angel Therapy for the benefit of your loved ones
as well as yourself.
Have a deeper connection with your Guardian Angel as well as four of the Archangels.
The energy exchange for this two day course is £115

Angelic Lightworker Second Degree

Continue your Angelic Lightworker journey and develop your Angel Reading skills further.
Learn how to give Full Angel Readings with confidence.
Learn how to do Angel Therapy for others with the Archangels Michael and Raphael and cut cords that are no longer beneficial.
Create a deeper connection with more of the Archangels.
And More!
The energy exchange for this two day course is £150

Angelic Lightworker Master Practitioner

Deepening your connection with the Angels still, this level helps to build your confidence further.
Working with Angels to now conduct Mediumship Readings to connect with Loved Ones in the Spirit World
Developing your skills further with Psychometry (readings using personal items such as jewellery)
Also working with the Deck Chair exercise (as developed by William Bloom) to help with confidence for yourselves as well as your clients.
You will also learn more about running your own successful Spiritual business
The energy exchange is £200 for this two day course.

Angelic Lightworker Master Teacher

This level is for those who have been practicing the Angelic Lightworker and now wish to pass this beautiful course on to others.
Instruction is given on how to teach the course including planning your agendas and how to build confidence within your students.
The energy exchange for this wonderful two day course is £250