We are based in Petersfield in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, with courses being held in Petersfield and Chichester and in the surrounding area.

The idea for the Angelic School of Light originated in 2009 by Sue Owen and Cobie Andrews, offering its first Angelic Lightworker (Angel Therapy) course in 2010. Since then it has run a number of courses, spreading the word and enabling many students to practice these wonderful Angel Therapies.

Lenise Shaw took over from Cobie Andrews, when she withdrew in 2012. Gerry Milner-Walker, himself, one of the students from the first year, joined the team in 2014.

As an evolving School, from 2014, its core Angelic Lightworker (Angel Therapy) course, previously offered as a single multi-weekend course has been split into 4 separate modules, each taught over a weekend but with no set period between these levels, thus making the whole course more attractive to the student as they will progress from level to level at their own pace.

We have also added a number of other courses including our really exciting and exclusive Atlantean Energy Therapy course with Lenise Shaw.

Other courses now coming under the Angelic School of Light are Angelic Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy (Theory of Essential Oils) and Lotus Chakra Course. Other courses and workshops will be added from time to time, so keep checking back to keep up to date.